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law clinics/Pro bono program

We have a program designed especially for those working with artists, scholars, musicians, filmmakers, and others through non-profit, pro bono programs.  

You get:  

Access to Durationator copyright reports for your clients. You have two options:

  • Pay as you go, at a discounted non-profit rate, for the reports you need

  • Purchase a plan, scaled to the size of your needs and institution, and specially priced for non-profits 

Any pro bono community anywhere in the world can avail themselves of this opportunity, but you must have an attorney named who will review the reports.

The Durationator community gets:  


  • Shareable data: All searches run (including general information, but excluding personal information about the client) under the non-profit program becomes available for case studies, further research, and review.

  • Volunteer hours: Each year, we take on a research project for the Durationator at the Copyright Research Lab. Each non-profit account must agree to donate ten hours per month of labor to our main project or to a project you suggest and we approve. (Labor can come from the staff of your organization or from your law students or clients.)

We will also have opportunities for law students to come to New Orleans and work with other law students on our projects during the summer. 

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