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Products and Pricing

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Durationator Reports

One Work


1 work

  • a title of a book, film, poem, photograph, sound recording, etc.

  • Example: Margaret Mitchell's Gone with the Wind (1936)

1 country

(protected by copyright or in the public domain)

Status of additional countries:

$49 each

Includes U.S. Copyright Office Registration and Renewal Record Search

Multiple Works


Starting with 2 works

1 country

Additional countries:

$99 each

Additional works:

$30 each

Includes U.S. Copyright Office Registration and Renewal Record Search

Every Durationator Report includes:

  • Preliminary data check by Team Durationator 

  • Copyright or public domain status

  • Calculations, citations, and supplemental legal information

  • Choice of the world's countries to search

  • Lagniappe: If we find more information along the way, either through the data check or through the search process, we will include that at no additional cost.

  • Durationator Tags - examples: US-PD (as of 2011) and UK-IC (though 2067) and custom tags also available

  • Fair Use, Termination of Transfer, Library Exemptions, Restoration, and other add-ons available (no additional charge)

  • One week turnaround

    • Expedited charge (within 24 hours): $99 

    • Mad Dash charge (with 8 hours):  $299

Lagniappe is a term heard often in New Orleans, meaning "a little something extra." 

Have a bigger project?  Have general questions?  Need a memo for a publisher, or sorting through the copyright status of an estate?  Email us or fill out this form! 

Membeship Plans

Profile Reports

Membership Plans

We're here for you.


The Durationator is more than a software tool.  It's a Team ready to assist you in sorting out your copyright status questions.


Get access to the Durationator Copyright Portal.  Tons of helpful information on copyright, including tips and tricks.  Resources include Copyright Office Registration and Renewal Records and information on Copyright Laws of the World.



Submit a ticket.   Request help on a new project, have a search run by Team Durationator, submit a Spreadsheet of data to be run for specific countries.   You can watch our progress as we sort through the data and the law.  We email you the results!



We all have the same problems: whether a work is under copyright or in the public domain. Sometimes we also want to know information about fair use, termination of transfer, library exceptions, or other additional questions. Lawyers for companies often want to know the status in specific countries outside of the United States. 
Private, confidential, fast (for content owners and attorneys)
  • Pay-As-You-Go—$1000 a year 
    • $99 - Durationator Report + Copyright Record Search (one work) ($199 value) 
    • $200 - Durationator Bundle (group of related works or up to 5 countries, one work) ($399 value)
    • Specialized packages for larger searches (email for quote)
    • Always expedited ($99 value per work), and Mad Dash upon request ($199 value per work)
    • Access to Durationator Copyright Portal
  • Basic—$5,000 a year 
    • One ticket request per week (additional tickets at Pay-As-You-Go pricing) (Up to 52 per year)
    • Up to 5 countries per Report
    • Always expedited ($99 value per work), and Mad Dash upon request ($199 value per work)
    • Personalized Spreadsheet Templates and Memo Results
    • Access to Durationator Copyright Portal   
  • Premium—$25,000 a year 
    • Unlimited Ticket submission for Durationator Reports
    • Up to 5 countries per search 
    • Always expedited, and Mad Dash upon request
    • Personalized Spreadsheet Templates and Memo Results
    • Access to Durationator Copyright Portal

Some Terms Defined

The Durationator Copyright Portal:  A resource sent for copyright information.  Tips we've learned over the years.  Basics about copyright term in the U.S. A community forum.  Spreadsheets with formulas.  We add information all the time, as our community grows, as we run more searches for libraries, archives and museums.  Don't see information that applies to your project, or just want to send us a ticket to inquire where to being or do a specific search?  You can do that in the portal too! 
Tickets:  This is how we communicate with you.  You submit a ticket.  We answer questions.  We run a Durationator Report.  We prepare a memo.  You can watch the progress of your ticket, and ask follow-up questions.  We return the results by email.
Projects: This is what we call a new request.  You are starting a project, whether that is determining the copyright status of one book, or 1000s film titles.  We assess the copyright information required with a particular dataset.  One book, for instance, may have a number underlying copyrights (a novel based on a short story), or separate copyrights (an introduction, photographs, and maps by separate authors).  
Durationator Reports, Spreadsheets and Memos: Over the years, we have recognized that different data sets require different outputs.  Sometimes every individual work has to be run through the Durationator Copyright system.  Other times, we are able to create a spreadsheet, which allows for much faster data processing.  Finally, we find that sometimes a memo with directions on how to approach the copyright issues is the most straightforward communication of the materials.  For instance, we were reviewing the copyright status of photographs for a Chinese republication of an American scholar's book.  The law in China regarding photographs is fairly straightforward.  We could give him a "Cheat Sheet" to apply the basic rule, rather than needed to run each photograph and its data through the Durationator system.  Much faster for everyone.  Finally, we have requests for memos (for attorneys to verify and advise upon) regarding the status of a set of works, say, for example, for publishing.
Community Membership: Community searches turn into helpful tips and tricks, spreadsheets and general knowledge for the community.  If Library X searches for periodicals from Austria in the 1940s, we release information about that search, including and Cheat Sheets or Spreadsheets to assist others in the same search.  The more searches we do, the more the resource grows.   Libraries can opt into sharing "Specific Search Results" which would highlight their work, and any specific lessons or information learned from that search.  For instance, one library runs a search for Author X.  We learn a great deal about Author X.  The information about Author X is released by the library, and now included as a "Specific Search Result."  Another library comes along looking for information about Author X.  They can search and find the "Specific Search Result," or we can point them to the results when they request a ticket for Author X.
Private Membership.  Private membership is just that.  Private.  We do not share your results.  We do not add them to the Community Resources.  We run the search, and send you the results.  

Just Need A

U.S. Registration

and rEnewal Search?

Custom Options

We are happy to work with you on custom options:

  • Auditing results

  • Custom searches for large projects

  • Consulting for projects

  • Integrations with systems

  • Large companies or multiple campus universities

  • Consortiums

  • Integrating the Durationator system into your products


                           and much more!



Our system is flexible.  Our Team Durationator is standing by to assist.  Contact us.




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