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Is a work under copyright or in the public domain?

It can be a hard question to answer.

makes it easy.



Lawyers &

Content Owners

Copyright status reports and  legal memos.

We do the research.

You advise your clients.

Libraries, Museums,

& Archives

Resources for and assistance with digitizing, library exceptions, patron questions, classroom materials evaluation, and more.

Artists, Filmmakers,

Musicians, & Scholars

Copyright status determinations of the many different types of creative works that you want to use and build upon.

Want to know the copyright status of a work?

Just order a report. 


The simple solution you've been looking for.

Ordering a report is easy...


Just submit data about your particular works.


The Durationator applies factors from all the world's copyright laws—past and present—to determine the copyright status of your works.


Choose the country or countries in which you want to know the works' copyright status.


The Durationator creates a report delivering to you the copyright status of the works and all the law relevant to the determination.

What a report includes...

  • U.S. Copyright Office registration and renewal records.

  • Application of every copyright law—past and present—in the world.

  • Customization for your specific needs.

  • Tools for termination of transfer (especially helpful for songwriters), library exemptions, restoration, fair use, and classroom uses.

  • Special issues surrounding films, archives, series, maps, and books.

  • Our special Main, Underlying, and Derivative works ("MUD") system—enabling relational copyright data.

  • Team Durationator assistance—system experts to help you.

  • And much more.

And, it's more than just a report...

You're no longer alone. Whether you're a novice or 

an expert at copyright issues, Team Durationator works with you to help you understand and resolve your copyright duration questions. 

Growing your knowledge, reducing your time, increasing your productivity, and getting you to an accurate answer fast.

Ready to order?

Just want to search the digital

U.S. Copyright Office

Registration and Renewal Records?  

We can help you!

Durationator makes that fast, easy, and affordable, too.

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