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(Photograph taken by law librarian Carla Pritchett. Used with permission.)

Tulane Law School Law Library. The Durationator was built at TLS. Students spent many hours here researching and compiling the laws of every country in the world.

For content owners and entertainment attorneys

Copyright research 

at your fingertips


The research memo you've always dreamed of.


We provide research assistance through our Durationator Copyright Portal, and our Durationator Reports.  We've spent a decade looking at questions related to the status of a copyrighted work, and we have coded our research into a system for easy access and sorting.  The system matches specific data points to the relevant law for the chosen countries/jurisdictions.


Every report includes:

  • Citation and relevant snippets of the laws.

  • Basic calculation of the copyright term.

  • Supplementary legal information related to each step in the Durationator's search.

  • The opportunity to consult with Team Durationator regarding the data or the results.


You can include the following queries within your search request:

  • Termination of Transfer

  • Application of Abend

  • Treaty information

  • Retroactivity of a given law

  • Point of attachment for foreign works

  • Fair Use 

  • Library exceptions

  • Restoration of foreign works


The system is flexible:

  • Research reports for 1 to 1000 or more items

  • Access to the Durationator Files, a database of every copyright law (including historical laws) from every country along with our Team Durationator commentaries about the laws

  • Searches for every jurisdiction in the world

  • Access to the U.S. Copyright registration and renewal records as part of the search 


The data: you can provide as little or as much information about the works. Our team can research the work for an additional charge. You can also provide us with a commercial copyright report, and we can add that data into our system.  


Research Update:  Because we are a research service, we are forever learning more and adding to the system.  If you have a Durationator Report, and would like to rerun it to see if there have been updated research, we are happy to do this for you.  


We do not warranty the accuracy of the research, but provide the research as a starting point.  If you feel that you have found an error in the research, please let us know, and we review with our Expert Team. Any changes are applied system-wide.


We also do not want to know whether you are "rooting" for a work to be in the public domain or under copyright.  We provide the same results, regardless.  We can provide information about the main work, any underlying works (that may impact on the status of the main work), and derivative works.


Our system can provide information about the U.S. Copyright registration and renewal records.  However, we do at this time not provide information regarding the ownership of a work, as those records are housed at the U.S. Copyright Office.  



Timetable: Because of demand, we have a one-week turnaround from your submission of the data to our emailing you your report. If you need the report faster, we can expedite the report for an additional fee.





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