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Meet Team Durationator

Ron Gard — CEO 

Ron holds a J.D and Ph.D., and is a licensed attorney in New York.  Ron is rooted in enterpreneurship and the law, which he also teaches at Tulane University in the Social Entrepreneurship program.  He is our visionary leader, transforming a university project into a full-service company.


Elizabeth Townsend Gard — Director of Research and Development 

Elizabeth runs the R&D side of Limited Times, and it was her work as a law professor at Tulane that began the Durationator journey in 2007.  Now a tenured professor, she still loves the complexities of copyright, and in particular duration.  She now leads the coding team as well as the research team.


Ross Gard — Chief Operating Officer

Ross came on board as our Chief Operating Officer in 2015.  A graduate of Stanford University, Ross brings decades of experience creating and managing content strategy, both online and off, for such major corporations as IBM, Sony, Dell, and Rackspace.  Currently Ross is focused on helping ensure that Limited Times products provide the finest user experience anywhere.


Daniel Collier — Chief Legal Engineer

Dan is our fourth CLE, following Matt Miller , Justin Levy, and Zachary Christiansen.  Dan's primary work has been developing Durationator 2.0 with Dr. Townsend Gard.  Dan earned his J.D. from Tulane in 2012, and his LL.M. in International Law in 2013.  Dan currently practices law in Virginia.


Jason Seidman — Internet and Business Development

Jason graduated from Tulane Law School, to become one of the key entrepreneurs in New Orleans.  Not only did he found 52Businesses, but he also is the brains behind Nola Tech Week.  Jason has come on board to develop our social media and internet presence.


Clarence Rivette — Corporate Development (New York)

Clarence is a graduate of Tulane University School of Law, where he earned a certificate of international and comparative legal studies, specializing in intellectual property coursework, and New York University, where he earned a BA in journalism. He is a member of the New York State Bar Association and works as an attorney and consultant in New York City. 


Latisha Mais — Community Research and Outreach 

Thea Crane - Latin America Research and Development

S.K. Gard - Tween and Teen Development



Copyright Advisory Board

Library, Archive, and Museum Advisory Committee

Strategy and Business Development Board




Team Durationator Students


The Durationator was built upon a belief that complex research could be accomplished employing a team of law students.  This gave us an opportunity to not only train students with skills but also build a way of working that was both collaborative and hierarchical, where work matters, and working together successfully mattered just as much.  Our one rule:  Be Kind.  Everything else is negotiable.


Over the years, we have had over seventy students work on the project.  About a dozen have taken leadership roles, and many have stayed connected to the project and to us long after they graduated.  Each generation of team members added to the development and vision.  We also got to watch them grow, dream their own dreams, and then find their way.  This is part of the joy of the project.


Different members specialized in different aspects of the project that coincided with their own interests--libraries, entrepreneurship, and Russia are three examples. It is through their hard work that we were able to research, map and code every copyright law of the world, both current and historical materials.  They also provide youthful confidence that any assignment is accomplishable and have the energy and dedication to see it through.




Team Durationator at the Library of Congress Summer 2014

Team Durationator Members at the Library of Congress
Team Durationator Member at the Library of Congress
Team Durationator Member at the Library of Congress
Library of Congress sign
Team Durationator Member at the Library of Congress
Team Durationator Member at the Library of Congress
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