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Durationator Special Projects for Libraries

Durationator has worked extensively with libraries, archives, and museums to understand the copyright problems these professional communities most often encounter and to create solutions specifically tailored to their needs.

Get help with a Special Project.


Have a specific project presenting particular copyright questions? Durationator has developed wide areas of expertise, including: 


  • All types of works, such as books, newspapers, periodicals, photographs, art, sound recordings, television, films, and archival materials. 

  • Projects involving digitizing foreign and domestic works in the U.S.

  • Copyright status for archival collections at both the collection and item level.

  • Questions about individual items from and for donors, patrons, faculty, and students.


Whatever the nature of your copyright project, Durationator can efficiently get you to a determination of a work's copyright status and help you clearly understand the factors that contribute to that status.


Team Durationator—Here for you.


The Durationator philosophy is that we are here to help. We know how complicated copyright duration questions can be, and we understand the frustration that can arise as a result. Whatever copyright duration questions you may confront, Team Durationator is here for you, to determine the copyright status of the works involved in your project and to help you clearly understand the factors affecting their status. 

Institutions with whom we've worked:

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