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Searching more than one work? We have options. 

1.  Order ONE Work searches for each work.  Each work is delievered as a separate search.  Perfect when searches are distinct works, being searched for different clients, or will be part of a file for different projects.  If you have many ONE Work searches, contact us for discounted pricing.

2.  Multiple Works.  A set of works is searched, and a report of all of the works is delivered.  This cold be a list of photographs for a book, a group of unrelated films--anything where you want to know the status of the works, and having them as one report is preferable.  Note:  if you are requesting a series or a periodical search of volumes, please choose the One Work search instead.

3.  Bulk.  For projects that have more than 10 works, or where individual reports are not necessary.  Think of a set of musical compositions from the 1940s, or a film library.   Great for digitizing projects.  Contact us.

4.  Relational Profile.  Want to know the status of a group of works - a short story, the film based on the short story, and a sequel to that film?  This is your package.  You cans end us a report (data) about each work, or we can do a full search.

5.  General Memo.  Starting to explore a set of works, and not sure about specific works?  This is the package for you.  

6.  Author/Artist Profile.   We can provide general copyright information about author or artistic, and also information about specific works.  We include (if searching for the U.S.), a search of the U.S. Copyright Records as well.

We also have subscripions, particularly if you conduct searches often.

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