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Pre-Release Durationator  MembersHIPs 

for libraries, Museums, and Archives

Joining our spring 2017 test gets you four months of free access to the Durationator system with guided assistance for determining copyright status and locks in a reduced annual rate of $5000 —a $10000+ value!

Durationator Reports + Durationator Spreadsheets + Durationator Copyright Portal

Articles + Quick Tools + Resources + U.S. Copyright Registration and Renewal Records

+ Team Durationator standing by to help with questions and projects

Resolve your copyright questions and save

Based on constant collaboration with our members, we've developed a new system to give you more of what you need to help answer your copyright questions.


Our new system gives you:

  • Articles, Tools, and Tickets. We want to help you learn copyright, and give you resources to make decisions about your collection, help patrons, and assist your institution on policy decisions.

  • Direct access to the Durationator tools, so you can run queries on your own schedule.

  • A shared knowledge center filled with self-help copyright information and guidance to help you learn about copyright and get your own answers.

  • Institutional, department, and individual accounts to match the structure of your organization.

With a pre-release membership, you get four months of early, free access to the new Durationator copyright system, followed by a locked-in, heavily reduced annual rate.


Pre-Release Community Memberships


Pre-release memberships begin March 1, 2017, and include:  

  • Upon payment, up to four months additional (March 1-June 30, 2017) free access and free copyright status queries through the new Durationator copyright system.

  • Access to a one-year institutional account membership at a reduced rate of $5000 (commencing July 1, 2017). 

  • Up to 2 departmental accounts.  Additional departmental accounts available.

  • Some restrictions apply.  Contact us for more details.  



Signing up for a pre-release membership with four months of free access does not obligate you to subscribe to the one-year institutional membership offer, but locks in the reduced rate should you elect to subscribe.



How are the Library, Archive and Museum accounts different from the standard membership accounts?


  • LAM memberships are designed for quick answers for digitizing and assessing restrictions on collections and include special library tools.  

  • LAM memberships provide copyright status for only the U.S. Standard membership accounts have access to all of the copyright laws of the world. U.S. libraries, archives, and museums, generally only need to know the status of where they are located. If other needs arise, we will assist on a case-by-case basis.

  • LAM membership have simpler Durationator Reports. A standard report is often 20-40 pages long and designed to assist an attorney in sorting through the maze of legal issues arising from the data provided. LAMs generally are focused on three aspects of the search: copyright vs. public domain; library exceptions; and fair use.

  • LAM memberships are built with institutions, departments, and individuals in mind.




Contact Us About Pre-release Memberships



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